Deploy mobile tools and technologies that enable faster decision-making and higher client satisfaction.

There's a lot of concern among CIOs nowadays about mobile devices in the workplace. But forward-thinking IT leaders realize that employees are most productive when they can use their favorite tools for the job – and they're putting technology in place that helps employees make better decisions and serve clients effectively outside the office. Bramasol's secure mobile functionality can help you do the same. It's based on modular SAP solutions that we've tailored for the needs of mid-to-large-sized businesses.

Unwire Your Workforce

The old "clock in at 8, clock out at 5" paradigm is dead. Today's employees want to be able to read email on the morning train, jump onto conference calls while driving, and approve purchase orders from the coffee shop. But the benefits of deploying mobile technology go beyond mere time-saving activities. By putting the right mobile solution in place, you can give employees the real-time insights they need to make faster decisions, or let them deliver accurate quotes – all in the palm of their hand.

Bramasol's mobility functionality leverages SAP's mobile solutions to help you unwire your workforce and unleash their productivity. Whether your business is an enterprise or a startup, you can use our mobility functionality to help your employees make better decisions in real time. That means they can close more deals and deliver more responsive client service no matter where they are.

Scale Out at a Reasonable Cost

There are many benefits to letting your employees go mobile – but getting started can be costly. Implementing mobile technology one piece at a time often leads to compatibility issues. Developing mobile apps in-house can be time-consuming and expensive. Bramasol's mobility functionality lets you tap into SAP's integrated, end-to-end mobile solutions as you build a foundation for enterprise mobility. You can then scale out your infrastructure cost-effectively as new employees, consumers, and partners come onto your mobile network.

Safeguard Your Data

All the mobility in the world won't do your company much good if you're putting your corporate data at risk of falling into the wrong hands. And even today's most advanced mobile devices don't come with the native security you need to adequately safeguard information outside the firewall. Bramasol's mobility functionality includes robust security features that help you control who's accessing your corporate resources. You can maintain complete control over the mobile devices and apps you've deployed to your workforce.

Enhance Your Corporate Brand

Your clients and partners will form an opinion of your business based on a wide variety of factors. Mobile technology has become an increasingly large part of the puzzle. By using Bramasol's mobility functionality to help your employees collaborate with clients and partners, you not only boost their productivity, but also help them build a positive image for your company. At the same time, you increase your chances of reaching more clients from the mobile-savvy new generation.

Plan Your Path to Mobile

Still determining how mobile technology can enhance day-to-day business processes for your company? Bramasol can provide expert assistance to help you determine the best scenarios for deploying mobile technology in your organization. With a clear mobile strategy in hand, you can then take the path that results in the greatest payback on your investment.

Ask Bramasol About Mobility Functionality

Your employees, clients, and partners want to use mobile technology to help them make better decisions in their daily duties. Don't disappoint them. Ask Bramasol about mobility functionality that's based on SAP's mobile solutions and tailored to the needs of mid-to-large-sized companies. Get more This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and sign up to connect with us.