New eBook: Using Proof of Concept to Jumpstart RevRec Projects

There are many reasons to participate in a Proof of Concept, but one of the most common is to get the process moving and to focus on the solution. The implementation of a solution will involve many different departments…it is not just an IT initiative.

The most successful projects are run by the accounting team. After all, it is ultimately the accounting team that is responsible for reporting the correct figures and implementing the business process changes associated with their calculations. A POC is a great way to get the accounting and IT teams to work together to understand the level of effort, the impact, and get a sense of the magnitude of the changes coming.

A POC is basically a short project, typically six to eight weeks, where you take a subset of the scenarios you have—as identified in your accounting assessment—and implement them in a test environment. The goal is to have your data flowing through the new or changed processes and systems to produce the desired results for the recognition of revenue.

The newest Bramasol RevRec eBook drills down into the details to provide a roadmap for designing and getting the most out of a Proof of Concept.  Key topics include:

  • Overview and Objectives of the Revenue Recognition Changes

  • What Industries are Impacted by the Changes

  • The “What” and “Why” of a Proof of Concept

  • POC Approach and Process Steps

This eBook also discusses the applicability of SAP RAR as a key tool for managing the POC process. That is the reason that Bramasol has standardized on the SAP RAR platform and developed advanced cloud-based methods for using it to model various real scenarios resulting in real decisions, so that all of the work can be re-used and leveraged into the company’s actual system.

If a company chooses to use the Bramasol SAP RAR Cloud Platform going forward, all of the POC effort can be migrated to support actual implementation, regardless of whether a company is using SAP or an alternative ERP system (Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, etc.). Similarly, if the company is a licensed SAP user at a current release level, SAP RAR can be directly integrated into the system and all of the POC results will map seamlessly into the live system as well.

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