Project Management at your Fingertips, Watch Quick Demo

Project management can be often complex with many moving parts to manage and quite difficult to accurately allocate costs and resources. As a project manager you need tools and resources that empower you see at a glance see how on-track, off-track you are with your budget, resources and ultimate delivery. Key areas of project management include but are not limited to:

  • Project plan

  • Team management

  • Products and purchasing

  • Sales tracking

  • Project overview (can include these elements and more)

    • Financial reports

    • Project management reports

    • Trend analysis

    • Procurement

    • And more

As a project manager having one place to source a project not only improves your efficiency but your bottom-line value as a project manager. Watch this demo as I walk you through a project example.

Watch Demo
RevRec Ready eBook “Seven Myths of RevRec” Get it Here
RevRec Ready eBook “Seven Myths of RevRec” Get it Here