Revolutionizing the way businesses operate in India

Traditionally, the hierarchy of business communication in India sees important information flowing up through the ranks to senior management, who then discuss options, prioritize resources, and disseminate marching orders back down through their organizations.

It’s often a slow – and antiquated – way of working.

Today, systems can enable instantaneous updates between business units, enabling real-time adjustments to business processes without the delays caused by escalation to senior management.

Join Charles Gadalla, director of advanced analytics at SAP, for this exclusive SAPinsider Webcast on September 26, 2013, to see how better IT systems can help you shortcut lengthy communication cycles and enable your business teams to work directly and quickly to achieve their respective goals.

During this Webcast, you’ll see:

  • How the “internet of things” is revolutionizing the way businesses operate

  • How predictive analysis is enabling previously unimaginable business agility

  • How an industry leader in consumer products is using its IT advantage to drive sales

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