RevRec Summits on SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting

Bramasol is participating in a series of informative RevRec Summits, co-hosted by EY and SAP, with the next two sessions coming up in Dallas on August 12 and Houston on August 20.

Are you compliant with the new Revenue Recognition standard?

The impending Revenue Recognition standard is more than an accounting change. Its impacts could affect multiple business functions. Companies need an effective approach to meeting the accounting and disclosure requirements of the new standard and enabling efficient, well-controlled and scalable revenue accounting processes.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to network and participate in an interactive discussion on the implications of the Revenue Recognition standard recently completed as well as the current accounting standards, with Pete Graham, Solution Leader, Revenue Accounting & Reporting and Simple Finance, SAP and several EY and Bramasol Revenue Recognition leaders.

The on-going series of RevRec Summits will focus on how we’re working together to help educate companies like yours about the impact of the new standard on systems, parallel reporting (current & future GAAP), and processes.