RevRec Webinar Video: SAP RAR 1.3 A Deeper Dive into New Functionality

We invite you to view the latest installment in Bramasol’s highly successful Revenue Recognition Webinar Series.

Recorded on February 23, 2017 this new webinar focuses on:
“SAP RAR 1.3 – A Deeper Dive into New Functionality”

SAP RAR 1.3 is packed with so much new functionality that it took two webinars to go through it all.  This webinar followed up on the first overview of SAP 1.3 held in January 2017 and provided a deeper look at key issues such as:

  • Currency Re-evaluations Based on Payment Terms

  • Sales contracts with Sales Order Call Off

  • A Further Look at Consistency Checking

In this video we show the latest features in SAP RAR 1.3 and discuss how they apply to helping your company get #RevRevReady before the January 2018 deadline. The presentation includes a live Q&A.

Click Here to View the Video of this New Webinar and all Previous RevRec Webinars in the Series