We are one of the most trusted professional service firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence on time and within the budget committed. We have Highly Talented & Motivated Team to serve the clients at their best. We hold strong RAR Knowledge Repository with solutions for consultants to utilize. Our RaR CoE (Center of Expertise) has best knowledge force and well proven in the market, our CoE uses accurate LoE mechanism and does regular review of client projects to keep projects on track. Our CoE maintains consistent service of excellence while delivering the projects.

How can we help?

Bramasol has an exclusive methodology to support RAR implementation with strong support of value propositions. Our Rapid Deployment Accounting & Revenue Recognition (RADARR) methodology is complementary to ASAP (Waterfall or Agile). Streamlined specifically for SAP RAR module implementation. Tested in real life ramp up implementations and PoCs. Tested in real life ramp up implementations and PoCs.

RADARR methodology and phases:

  • Discover and Assess RAR: Confirmation on the processes and scenarios needed to meet new FASB accounting standards

  • Identify and Detail: Design a POC to address specific scenarios and gaps.

  • Comply and Review: A POC facilitates discussions with auditors and key stakeholders in validating scenario outcome based on actual realistic data.

  • Build/Deploy: Execution of build activities via scenario focused sprints ensures better delivery performance and ability for continuous design validation in meeting new ASC 606 accounting standards.

  • Test and Modify: End to End evaluation of the systems and processes and validates whether the design attained the level of quality and process improvement expected, especially in migration of operational data to comply with new accounting standards.

  • Create and Load Data: Creates the operational data set to be used in migration, a pre-requisite for revenue recognition functionality to be enabled in RAR.

  • Run: Managed go-live activities which minimize risk and business disruption. Team training and support activities ensure smooth handover from the project team to the customer’s operational team responsible for RaR functionality.

What are the benefits?

  • Brings in lot of experience.

  • Proven methodology

  • Solid tracking mechanism at different stages