Testing of SAP RAR 1.2 Release is Now Underway

Other improvements and enhancements will include:

  • Enhanced CO assignments

  • More flexible contract combination

  • Contract modification options, including manual override option

  • Changes to fulfillment type after posting

  • Finalize POB in RAR

  • Performance obligation created by billing item

  • Enhanced worklist functions

  • POB-level contract asset/liability calculation

  • Capitalized costs of contract acquisition (eg commissions)

  • Improved explanations / logs for revenue

  • More flexible and improved revenue postings

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During the week of March 28, Bramasol and SAP hosted a number of select companies in a hands-on testing session of SAP RAR 1.2 in Washington DC. Once again, we are proud to be at the forefront of helping to innovate the exciting new capabilities being added to SAP RAR with each new release. Some of the significant new scenarios planned for the SAP RAR 1.2 scope are:

  • Cost object integration (CO-PS)

  • Cost recognition

  • IFRS 15 transition support

  • CRM service integration

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