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Automotive companies rely on Bramasol to help with complex RevRec scenarios involving complex scheduling, variable consideration and distribution….. read more

High Tech

With complex software, hardware and services sales scenarios and a move to SaaS, PaaS and DaaS revenue recognition has become even more complex…. read more

Bio Tech and Pharma

Biotech and Pharma increasingly rely on long-term R&D agreements, multi-year licensing, and consumables to improve and smooth long-term revenues…. read more


High volumes, dozens of source systems and multitudes of changes daily are routine for Telecom. Some of the world’s leading Telco’s called on Bramasol to help…. read more


Today’s manufacturing includes not just products, but services, software, and complex licensing arrangements, as well as both sell to and sell through…… read more


Today’s services companies come in a vast array of sizes and types and deliver a multitude of services. Many of them share one thing…. read more

Sports and Entertainment

Multiyear ticket, box, suite and advertising income are just some of the ways Sports and Entertainment companies are affected by the new Revenue Accounting….. read more


While many chemical companies argue they sell a product and collect revenue, there is much more to it than that. Deposits for containers, long-term…. read more


Retail industry is continuously evolving, requiring expertise and deep market knowledge to stay ahead of customer needs….. read more

Media and Publishing

As today’s media companies move more and more to subscription models with global intellectual property and digital media, Revenue Recognition….. read more

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