SAP RAR and Optimized Contract Management – Power for the New Digital Economy

Join SAP and Bramasol for a discussion of how SAP Revenue Recognition's Optimized Contract Management can help power you into the Digital Economy.

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Haroon Mohammad Explains How Multi-Company Code can Unify Revenue Contracts in RAR

Listen to latest episode of Insights to Action Podcast series. In this episode, Haroon Mohammad, the designer of multi-company, multi-currency code solutions for RAR discusses the issues and benefits for consolidating revenue contracts for accounting, management and reporting.

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SAP’s Birgit Starmanns on “360-degree View” for Finance and Risk Management

Listen to latest Podcast from our Insights to Action Podcast series titled as SAP's Birgit Starmanns on "360-degree View" for Finance and Risk Management. Learn how a 360-degree view applies to products, customers, vendors, employees and putting together a complete picture for strategic decisions such as M&A.

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Advanced Analytics for Financial Management

Listen to our latest podcast from Insights to Action Podcast series. Julio Dalla Costa provides a deep dive into how analytics capabilities are used in financial management and specifically how SAP Analytics Cloud can unify disparate data sources to streamline real-time forecasting, cash management, what-if scenarios and reporting.

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Health Checks for Optimizing Cash Management

Listen to the latest episode of Bramasol’s Insights to Action Podcast Series. In this episode, John Froelich, Bramasol SVP, discusses how a focused Health Check process can help companies identify current issues with their cash management and create actionable improvement plans for achieving significant ROI in both the short and long term.

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Think You Have RevRec for Projects Done? Think Again. How RAR and Project Systems Take RevRec to a New Level

Learn from experts from the Fortune 500, Big Four and SAP how to eliminate 605 to 606 manual conversions from SD or PS, automate and simplify the process for disclosure reporting.

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Improve accuracy and completeness of commission accounting under ASC 606 using SAP RAR

If you are using SAP RAR, did you know that RAR can manage your commissions accounting process as well? ASC 606 represents a fundamental shift in how commissions are accounted, tracked, and reported..

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