Lease Administration by Nakisa® is an end-to-end lease accounting solution that allows businesses to easily manage and report on their leasing obligations. The solution unifies disparate leasing data and provides a clear view to make informed decisions on leasing liabilities.

Lease Administration by Nakisa helps optimize both lease accounting and transactional processes including equipment management, supplier management, business planning, and more.

The solution features import of contract data from multiple sources and allows for easy tracking and modification of lease contracts. Also included are pre-built dashboards & reports that create a new perspective on your leasing liabilities.

Lease Administration by Nakisa is built to support multiple lease accounting standards including the current IAS-17 and the new IFRS 16 and FASB 2016-02 accounting standards.

The benefits:

Using our proven methodology you can:

  • Prepare and plan for compliance with Multi-GAAP functionality that satisfies current IAS 17 as well as new IFRS 16 and FASB ASU 2016-02 lease standards

  • Save on time and costs by centralizing all of your lease data in one single repository

  • Quickly and easily visualize your lease exposure while ensuring all leases meet lease accounting standards

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