As the Office of the CFO moves from recording the past and documenting the present, to driving innovation and strategy, Treasury plays a key role in the management of cash, risk and driving innovation. Bramasol is a leader in SAP finance solution delivery. Key areas we focus on for Treasury include:

  • Cash and Cash Management

  • Virtual and In-House Banking

  • Banking Platform

  • Analytics and disclosures for IFRS 9

  • Data Mastery including governance, migration, etc…

The questions today’s Treasury is face with, How to enable the organization to become strategic and provide financial leadership?

  • Where should we invest to be more real-time and responsive?

  • How do I increase transparency into current cash flows?

  • We need to cut cost. How can we automate further without spoiling our service levels?

  • Do we have all risk factors under control?

  • The board expects me to step up as an advisor to the business. How can I manage that with my current staff?

  • We will open a new international subsidiary soon. Is our back office prepared for this?

  • Are we prepared for all upcoming new regulations such as IFRS9?

  • Should we go mobile? If yes, what will be the right path?”

  • How do I increase transparency into current cash flows?

But the ultimate question is, By when can I get an answer to my questions? Contact us to get the answers.