Technical Accounting Tips for Optimizing Disclosures and Reporting for ASC 606 and 842

Watch this webinar to learn the Top Ten Technical Accounting Tips for accelerating financial reporting disclosures, which have been gleaned from Bramasol’s experience guiding our clients through real-world issues surrounding ASC 606 and ASC 842 compliance. We’ve also seen what doesn’t work by helping companies overcome false starts and dead-ends. We has successfully led dozens of lease accounting and revenue recognition projects and based on that experience, we have assembled a Top Ten Tips and Tricks garnered from these projects.

This Webinar will cover:

  • How to develop the necessary policies and controls for new standard implementation

  • How to properly assess your current processes, documents, and accounting processes

  • How to structure and write technical memorandums to document the implementation of new accounting standards

  • Lessons learned from previous implementations

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