What is SAP S/4HANA?

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent, integrated ERP system that runs on our in-memory database, SAP HANA. It can help you:

  • Address industry-specific requirements with proven best practices for 26 verticals and enable new business models as your marketplace evolves

  • Revolutionise business processes with intelligent automation — supported by artificial intelligence and robotic process automation

  • Make better decisions faster with embedded analytics, a conversational interface, and digital assistants

  • Meet your IT landscape goals with hybrid, cloud, and on-premise scenarios that share a consistent data model, code line, and user experience

Navigate constantly changing industries

Gain the industry depth your business requires and the cloud benefits you want.

  • Support industry-specific business processes with out-of-the-box functionality

  • Transform your business model with innovative revenue capabilities, including subscription- and consumption-based billing

  • Create new, customer-focused products and services with highly flexible configuration, pricing, and quoting capabilities across engagement models

  • Monitor contract performance with real-time profitability analysis and revenue recognition.

Unlock new levels of performance across your organisation

Simplify decisions and automate business processes.

  • Automate accounts receivable and accounts payable with continuously-improving processes based on artificial intelligence

  • Replenish stocks with intelligent, demand-driven automation

  • Make better decisions, faster, with real-time predictive insights for every employee

  • Gain a clear picture of your entire business with simplified and automated group-wide financial close

Deliver the ultimate experience

Predict and act, in real time, to enable new standards of excellence.

  • Provide real-time product availability as your customers order

  • Streamline your supply chain with live material requirements planning and real-time purchase requisitioning

  • Predict delivery delays then minimise the impact with intelligent remediation

  • Address financial and corporate reporting requirements with up-to-the-minute, forward looking analytics.

SAP S/4HANA provides next-generation processes that connect and orchestrate your entire business, taking advantage of artificial intelligence so every employee can make smarter decisions, faster.


Learn how SAP S/4HANA can help enable subscription-based revenue models, simplify accounting and financial close processes, improve treasury and financial risk processes, support collaborative finance operations, simplify real-estate management and more.


Improve profitably and cost with comprehensive analytics

  • Assess profit and margin contribution with real-time reporting, predictive analytics, and integrated business planning to manage profitability and analyse customer experience strategies.

Enable subscription-based revenue models

  • Identify the product and service mix that best-satisfies your customers while delivering consolidated invoices, managing credit scoring, and resolving disputes with a complete view of the customer.

Simplify accounting and financial close processes

  • Combine financial and management accounting and profitability data into a single universal journal, so you can manage joint venture accounting and close your books in real time with less effort.

Improve treasury and financial risk processes

  • Optimise straight-through processing with real-time analysis, audit trails, and compliance reporting to predict cash flow accurately, manage liquidity efficiently, and mitigate risk proactively.

Support collaborative and automated finance operations

  • Improve working capital and financial health with real-time data to assess customer credit risk, streamline billing, resolve disputes, and prioritize collections to reduce days sales outstanding.

Manage enterprise risk and compliance effectively

  • Integrate and automate processes for risk management, compliance assurance, and international trade to optimise business operations, protect organisational assets, and improve financial performance.

Simplify real-estate management

  • Optimise space utilisation, cost, and occupancy by actively managing lease agreements, investments, and construction projects, as well as inspecting, maintaining, and restoring infrastructure.

Manage commodities efficiently

  • Address financial risk stemming from market fluctuations by automating commodity-based contractual pricing, leveraging market quotes to create contracts, and streamlining invoice processes.


Cloud customers can trust SAP to keep their business and data safe. SAP S/4HANA Cloud complies with the most stringent industry standards.

Data protection

SAP S/4HANA complies with general data privacy acts, country and industry-specific data protection legislation, and the highest safety standards:

  • Business data is stored in secure data centres

  • Customers may share physical hardware, but data is always separated

  • Users who require access to business data must authenticate themselves, and their identity must be verified by user and access management

  • Customer data always belongs to the customer

Data centre best practices

We follow operating best practices for data centres:

  • Computation and storage parts of solutions are deployed over separated fire-safe areas to support disaster recovery

  • A redundant hardware storage system performs regular backups

  • An advanced database management solution is used to securely isolate each customer’s business information

Landscape Options

Only SAP S/4HANA offers a consistent, Intelligent ERP solution across cloud and on-premise, working in harmony to unlock new levels of performance across your organisation.


Maximise agility with standardised processes built from proven best practices in every industry, new innovations as frequently as four times per year, fast time-to-value, and lower TCO.


Maximise your capacity for specialisation by deploying SAP S/4HANA in your own datacenter or utilising an infrastructure-as-a-service provider. Enable highly-complex or customer-specific business processes. Customise and extend S/4HANA with complete control of your environment.

Architecture and Technology

Replace business-limiting legacy technology with the next generation ERP designed to take advantage of in-memory computing and artificial intelligence.

  • Innovations such as machine learning and predictive analytics increase business efficiency and enable your employees to make better decisions, faster.

  • A single, simplified data model that is consistent across cloud and on-premise landscapes, making hybrid landscapes easier to deploy and manage.

  • End-to-end analytics make it possible to understand every aspect of your business at the most granular level so you can steer your business in real time.

  • Access SAP S/4HANA from any device with the award-winning user experience, SAP Fiori, and a context-aware digital assistant, SAP CoPilot.

Implementation and Integration

SAP S/4HANA allows for native integration with other SAP solutions via the SAP Cloud Platform.

Proven best practices

Accelerate your deployment of Intelligent ERP with SAP Activate, built from decades of experience in helping the best companies become best run.

Consider your options

Only SAP provides a consistent, Intelligent ERP solution working across cloud and on-premise environments.