Many of you are in the midst of filing your ASC 842 adoption footnote disclosures. If you used brute force and/or a limited-scope point solution, how did that go? If you used a non-integrated solution, how did the reconciliations go between asset accounting and payments? Excel spreadsheets are not a realistic long-term solution. Feel like you’re stuck in a dead-end now? You don’t have to be!

Watch the webinar to learn how you can get out of that dead-end and transition into an integrated and sustainable solution going forward.

Our experts address the following:

  • Issues and challenges of using a non-integrated SAP solution.
  • Accounting requirements for ongoing reporting, disclosures and auditability.
  • Demo of how SAP Contract and Lease Management (CLM) can integrate your existing data and legacy systems into a single unified asset management solution.
  • Overview of how SAP Contract and Lease Management CLM and Bramasol disclosure reporting and analytics help ensure your compliance with current and future SEC requirements.
  • Wrap up with interactive Q&A sessions.