The CFO’s Guide to Financial Transformation

This eBook provides a step-by-step use-case example of how SAP Analytics and S/4HANA Cloud can be integrated to quickly identify and resolve operational issues. Most conventional finance management technologies have been in existence for decades and, while they offer a familiar environment, the lack of unified solutions create significant limitations when it comes to keeping pace with today’s complex and dynamically changing corporate challenges. the SAP Digital Core is built around the S/4HANA architecture, which combines in-memory data and processing capabilities for maximum performance and scalability, along with a consistent interface for integrating virtually any other applications. Using S/4HANA Cloud, CFOs can seamlessly unify their information landscape to remove gaps and ease the pain-points arising from the inefficient segmentation of information.

This eBook will also help you cover below areas;

  • SAP-enabled Digital Core Environment

  • Digital Boardroom – SAP Cloud Analytics Identifies Potential Revenue Issue

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Investigate and Correct Receivables Posting Problem

  • How Financial Transformation Streamlined the Process and much more

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