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You have invested a great deal of time, effort and money into your SAP Leasing solution. Whether it is SAP Contract and Lease Management you want to ensure that you continue to get the most from your investment.

Getting the most out of your SAP solutions means providing your end users with the knowledge they need to make the best use of its functionality. At the same time, you’ll want to give them easy access to technical support, and make sure your IT staff can get assistance with any technical enhancements your business needs. Bramasol Consulting provides support and training services that can help your organization.

As the leaders in SAP Finance Compliance and Innovation, our consultants and support team are trained and certified on both solutions. We have more experience and expertise than other partners, so we can provide insights and solutions based on experience, not theory.

Bramasol offers Application Management support services tailored to your needs.

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Application Management Support

Get the support you need to handle both routine system maintenance tasks and unexpected technical issues. Bramasol offers:

  • Technical Support: We can provide full support for your routine system administration needs, including those related to SAP Basis or the technical aspects of your Lease solution. Whether you need spot support or full management of your SAP IT infrastructure, we can customize a package to fit your needs.

  • Application Support: Bramasol also gives you somewhere to turn with functional questions and issues related to your SAP systems. Our expert consultants can configure your new capabilities and resolve your business issues through flexible support programs. We can also deliver the training you need to bring your employees up to speed with SAP.

  • Ad Hoc and Extended Support: If you’ve built a solid internal support structure but still need occasional backup, Bramasol’s ad hoc and extended support offerings may be the right choice for you. We can provide functional and technical support services that augment your IT team’s core skills and extend the range of your services.

  • Enterprise Support: Planning on implementing SAP in a large company and need a level of support that can meet your needs? Bramasol delivers enterprise-level support that goes above and beyond SAP’s enterprise support program to mitigate risk and protect your investment. We include Enterprise Support in the agreement for all our enterprise-level clients.

SAP Lease Administration

What’s the advantage of working with Bramasol consultants? They’re certified by SAP, which ensures that the procedures they follow are compliant with SAP Superior Service Level Agreements (SLAs). In addition, they have access to the most current systems, tools, and materials as they address all your key support needs.

Why turn to a generalist for support of these critical systems. Trust the leader in SAP Finance Compliance Solutions with over 20 years of SAP experience…. Bramasol.


As the leaders Finance Compliance for SAP, Bramasol can provide your team with the knowledge and insight you need to maximize the benefit you get from a world class SAP solution. We offer both standard and custom training to help you get started with SAP’s SAP Contract and Lease Management. Our programs will provide your users and support teams with the insights they need to do their jobs every day. Our training includes:

  • Hands on experience with the solution

  • Exercises to demonstrate knowledge

  • Insights into both the Leasing solution and ECC

  • Modules on reporting and disclosures .

  • Documentation and reference materials for later use.

If you want great user adoption, better results and the most from your leasing solutions… Contact us to find out more and schedule a training session for your team.

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