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Stuck in an ASC 842 / IFRS 16 Dead-end?

As public companies have worked over the past two years to comply with new ASC 842 and IFRS 16 leasing standards, they have taken a variety of paths to achieve the initial compliance requirements. However, those companies that took a limited approach using standalone solutions or spreadsheets are now discovering they’re stuck in a dead-end with regard to integrating and optimizing lease compliance within their overall business operations.

As the leading experts in SAP Leasing Solutions for ASC 842 and IFRS 16, Bramasol have seen it all and we know what works. Integration can be hard. Data validation is required far more than you expected, and reporting is anything but a snap, especially if you need data from your ERP as well as your leasing solution.


Would you like to Learn more about the Right Solution?

  • Which is fully Integrated with SAP, now and in the future

  • That leverages the same SAP Master Data, including vendor, asset, foreign currency and GL without replication or separate file updates

  • Which has FASB and IASB Compliant disclosure reports that provide drill down, drill through AND drill back capability

  • And is certified by a Big Four accounting firm to provide correct accounting and journal entries.


And what if you could have that Solution Up and Running in about 9 Weeks?

  • Easy Implementation at a low cost

  • Fully integrated to your ERP solution with bidirectional feeds

  • Robust reporting and disclosures

  • Deep functionality including 445 Calendars, complex foreign exchange, real estate and movables, and complete life-cycle management

  • Easy to maintain because it’s in the cloud.


Are you Struggling to Get the Value they Promised?

  • Standalone Solution isn’t a great deal?

  • Does it Lack Functionality?

  • Does it Costs More?

  • Do you want to move to Integrated solution?

Simplify, Automate and Optimize your compliance with the New Lease Accounting Standard solution with SAP Contract & Lease Management (CLM). Leverages What You’ve Already Invested.

No matter where you are in your compliance journey, you now can efficiently convert to CLM without having to start from scratch. Bramasol has developed a disciplined conversion process that enables companies to move from disconnected or stand-alone systems to integrated solutions leveraging the data, classifications and report structures you have already defined.

We’ve built our CLM Conversion process around the specific issues involved with transitioning from a stand-alone environment to fully integrated Contract and Lease Management functionality.  At the same time, we’ve created conversion methodologies that can be adapted to virtually any stand-alone or home-grown compliance approach.

The key steps in this process, as defined for a Leasing Solution conversion are shown below.

Convert from SLAN to CLM

Let our experts work with you to arrange a no cost audit and consultation to help you understand how you can move to a fully integrated, robust solution in about 9 weeks!*
Approximate Cost $350,000*

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