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We are one of the most trusted professional service firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence on time and within the budget committed. We have Highly Talented & Motivated Team to serve the clients at their best. We hold strong RAR Knowledge Repository with solutions for consultants to utilize. Our RaR CoE (Center of Expertise) has best knowledge force and well proven in the market, our CoE uses accurate LoE mechanism and does regular review of client projects to keep projects on track. Our CoE maintains consistent service of excellence while delivering the projects.

How can we help?

Bramasol’s Ignite Methodology is grounded in the SAP Activate Methodology but is amplified through our focus on compliance and finance transformation. Based on over 100 successful compliance and finance transformation projects, the Ignite Methodology helps ensure that your Finance Transformation project is compliant with all key IFRS and ASC regulations, such as ASC 606, 842 and 815 and IFRS 9, 15, 16, and 17. It also leverages our project proven accelerators and tools to reduce the project timeline, increase flexibility and deliver a solution that meets your needs. To learn more about it, contact us.

Ignite Methodology:

methodology infographic

What are the benefits?

  • Brings in lot of experience.

  • Proven methodology

  • Solid tracking mechanism at different stages

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