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FASB to Require Same Segment Expense Disclosures for Single and Multiple Segment Companies

The FASB on October 13, 2021, continued to build a proposal for segment disclosures, discussing follow-on issues related a principle that gets at expense details CEOs and other chief decision-makers typically see. Board discussions, which have focused on how to apply the principle to public companies with multiple reportable segments, shifted to those that have a single reportable segment. Learn more here.

FASB Wants More Disclosure on Companies’ Supply-Chain Finance Programs

The Financial Accounting Standards Board on Wednesday proposed a rule that would require companies to disclose key terms and the size of their supply-chain financing, a move aimed at helping investors better understand the short-term borrowing mechanism. Supply-chain finance, often provided by banks, pays a company’s suppliers earlier than they would normally be paid, at a slight discount. The company pays the bank the full amount later, allowing the business to hold on to its cash for longer. Learn more here.

FASB OKs flexible discount-rate options under new lease accounting standards

Private companies and nonprofits have leeway to choose the discount rate they use in calculating the value of their operating leases under new lease accounting standards, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) decided this week.

FASB Proposes Improvements to Fair Value Guidance for Equity Securities

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) today issued a proposed Accounting Standards Update (ASU) that would improve financial reporting for investors and other financial statement users by increasing comparability of financial information across reporting entities that have investments in equity securities measured at fair value that are subject to contractual restrictions preventing the sale of those securities. Stakeholders are encouraged to review and provide comment on the proposed ASU by November 14, 2021. Learn more here.

FASB Gives Certain Companies an Accounting Break on Lease-Contract Losses

The Financial Accounting Standards Board approved a new rule for companies leasing out assets in an effort to eliminate a sometimes sizable accounting loss at the start of certain contracts. The new standard, approved Wednesday by the U.S. accounting standard-setter, serves as an update to a rule that went into effect for public companies in early 2019 and requires businesses to put operating leases on their balance sheets instead of in footnote disclosures. Learn more here.

FASB report describes investor outreach

FASB seeks investor input through its Investor Advisory Committee as well as through investors who are members of other advisory bodies such as the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council, the Not-for-Profit Advisory Council, the Private Company Council, and the Small Business Advisory Committee. Learn more here.