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Readiness Assessment Leasing

Readiness Assessment Leasing

While the new leasing standards (ASC 842 and IFRS 16) tell you what you need to do with regards to reporting and managing your lease portfolio, they don’t tell you how to get there. You would need answers to questions like:

  • How will I get all my data into my system?

  • How can I ensure that my finance system and lease accounting are in sync?

  • Who needs to be part of this and how much time do they need to dedicate?

  • What are other companies doing?

  • Will I be able to get the data I need for disclosures and reporting?

As the leaders in SAP Finance and Compliance, Bramasol has developed a comprehensive workshop designed to help you answer these questions and more. Our 4-week workshop will focus on providing you with a clear plan and roadmap for implementing a lease accounting solution for your enterprise. We will cover:

Bramasol's roadmap for implementing a lease accounting solution

A leasing project is complex and requires a lot of decisions. We can help.

Call us to learn more about our workshops and how you can get ready to comply with the new leasing standards.

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