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Compliance is not an option, but how do you turn compliance into competitive advantage? That is where we come in.

Bramasol is the leader in SAP Leasing Solution delivery. We have the partnerships, experience, expertise & tools and people to deliver a successful leasing project that helps you comply with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 regulations. Whether your needs focus on Movables or Real Estate leases, we have the tools and experts to help.

Leveraging the power of SAP’s leading solution for lease administration, we can help you save thousands of dollars in costs, increase visibility to your lease portfolio, or simply comply with the regulations. Our team of experts has more experience and knowledge than anyone else in the business. Don’t settle for someone who says they know, go with someone who really knows… Bramasol. Not only do, we know!

Leader in SAP Leasing Solution delivery

Purpose Built Tools and Methodologies

The most effective way to get going quickly and effectively is with a methodology that is project proven and solution oriented. Our Ignite methodology is a purpose built methodology designed to drive a leasing project that helps you comply with the new regulations while giving you a platform to grow and scale. Backed by our team of experts with experience on dozens of leasing projects you can be sure that you have the best team and tools on your side to help you comply with ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

SAP Leasing Solution

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