SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management

Monetize subscription and usage-based business models with agility with the revenue management and recurring billing capabilities of SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management solutions. Make the entire revenue management process more transparent with scalable, flexible, and highly-automated software for billing, invoicing, and revenue management.

SAP S/4HANA for Billing and Revenue Innovation Management – Benefits

Reduction in time-to-market
for new pricing and service offers, decreasing from 6-8 months to 1-2 weeks

Reduction in Pricing & Offer Management cost
Pricing updates/creation launch in hours, not weeks and managed by Marketing/Sales

Decrease in billing and collections costs
as a percentage of revenue with optimized collections and dispute handling

Reduction in Revenue Leakage
Reduction in revenue loss due to limited billing and CRM solution and no end to end automated solution

Reduction in IT expenditures
as a percentage of revenue with a consolidated single solution and platform landscape

Key Capabilities

Subscription-based order management

  • Capture and monitor subscription orders to ensure delivery and billing accuracy

  • Address contract changes, renewals, extensions, and billing cycles automatically

  • Manage master agreements, including invoicing hierarchies, specialised catalogs, and shared credit

Collection, Enrichment and management of usage events

  • Capture, streamline, and consolidate usage and event data for pricing and charging

  • Support growing volumes of usage data with unlimited scalability

  • Enable open graphical workflows with rapid configuration

Agile charging supporting your business models

  • Design customer-centric, subscription, and usage-based pricing models such as revenue sharing

  • Simplify the creation, management, and execution of allowances and entitlements

  • Allow seamless integration across your current digital environment with flexible APIs

Consolidate Invoicing for all services

  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costly questions with clear and accurate invoicing

  • Consolidate billing information from various areas and partners into a single, clear summary

  • Tailor services and pricing with comprehensive invoice-level discounting capabilities

Flexible document management

  • Create and personalise business communications – in both digital and hard-copy formats – with ease

  • Customise messaging and formats for bank statements, bills, invoices, and receipts

  • Provide document management self-services that do not require IT intervention

Comprehensive customer financial management

  • Manage revenue flow with intelligent, highly automated receivables and payments handling

  • Give your agents a full view of financial customer data

  • Provide better, more personalised support for sophisticated credit and collections

SAP S4 HANA for Billing and Revenue Innovation Management – Solution

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