Customer Stories

Customer Stories

A fortune 1000 company with locations all around the US, they complied with the new standard (ASC606 & IFRS15) published by FASB changing how revenue is recognized for customer contracts. And, as an early adopter they needed experts in SAP RAR to guide them. As a leader in Revenue Recognition, Bramasol was a natural choice.

Watch how Bramasol helped a global leader in real life entertainment with automated lease accounting disclosure solution that was compliant with ASC 842/IFRS 16.

Watch how SAP’s solution for leasing solved the compliance problem of a Biotechnology Leader Amgen Inc.

Watch how Bramasol helped Nvidia to be compliant with ASC 606 and restructure their sales model within SAP.

Nuskin partnered with Bramasol to comply with ASC606 & to restructure sales model within SAP, seeking advice for Implementation

Watch how a sidecar SAP HANA database with a custom report solved the problem of High-Performance Machine Tools Manufacturing Leader.

Watch how Bramasol helped a leading chemical producer in America with ASC 842 Compliance & IRFS 16 guidelines with required disclosure reports

Customer Story for SAP Leasing Solution of World’s top producers and a leading supplier of specialty chemicals

Watch how High tech company needed Bramasol’s expertise and guidance to help them in the Banking and Accounts Payable Integration.

Watch how Fortune 100 Global Supply Chain Leader called on Bramasol to help them in SAP CLM (Contract Lease Management) Implementation.

Watch how world’s electronic design automation leader relies on Bramasol to help them with complex RevRec project scenarios with SAP RAR Solution.

Watch our customer story where a leading automotive company relied on Bramasol to help them with complex RevRec scenarios.

Watch how High tech companies needed Bramasol’s expertise and guidance to help them design Revenue Recognition solution.

Watch how leading Networking company called on Bramasol to help them automate & simplify RevRec processes and reporting with SAP’s RAR Solution.

Watch how Bramasol helped publishing company to deliver accurate & insightful revenue calculation that meets the new Revenue Accounting Standards

Watch how SAP Cloud ERP solution implemented by Bramasol helped leading pharma company to automate & support key value chain operational processes

Watch how leading Railroad transportation company called on Bramasol to help them comply with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 standards

Watch how Leading Multinational Retail Giant called on Bramasol to comply with Leasing Standards ASC842 and IFRS16 with SAP Leasing Solution


SAP Leasing Administration for Automotive


Automotive companies rely on Bramasol to help with complex RevRec scenarios involving complex scheduling, variable consideration and distribution….. read more

SAP Leasing Administration for High Tech

High Tech

With complex software, hardware and services sales scenarios and a move to SaaS, PaaS and DaaS revenue recognition has become even more complex…. read more

SAP Leasing Administration for Telco


High volumes, dozens of source systems and multitudes of changes daily are routine for Telecom. Some of the world’s leading Telco’s called on Bramasol to help…. read more