Treasury Assessment

Treasury Assessment

Overview for Treasury Assessment

First steps in undertaking an implementation is the assessment of the organization for that implementation. Assessment addresses the organization, structure, and human factors in a solution implementation. As the leaders in SAP Finance and Compliance, Bramasol’s experts have developed a comprehensive workshop to help you answer your question with regards to be ready for new implementations.


An Assessment is a one to two-day engagement in which we assess your Cash Management and/or Treasury and Risk Management Solution and Processes and compare with Best Practices providing you with insights and recommendations for improvement.

  • A written document on your current implementation evaluating your systems, processes and looking for manual work arounds or pain points

  • A comparison of what you are doing to Standard and/or Best Practices

  • Recommendation on how you might be able to improve and gain improvements in both the long and short term

  • Some easy improvement recommendations based on what you have

Anyone who wants a better understanding of whether they are getting the most from their SAP Solution.

  • Companies with multiple “Treasury” solutions for cash management, banking, payments, risk management or trading and what to improve

  • Companies who have basic functionality but want to optimize and focus on better process management

  • Organizations who are using spreadsheets or other tools to provide the integration necessary to drive real-time cash management, real-time exposure management or other similar functions

  • Treasury organizations who are considering In-house Banking, Cash Concentration/Pooling or COBO/POBO and want to get it right

Improved ROI from your existing systems.

  • Clear documentation on how to better integrate your Treasury and ECC

  • A documented pathway with insights to implementing IHB, IHC, Pooling, Netting, COBO/POBO or other Treasury Functionality

  • Improvement in processes and elimination of unnecessary out of system work, rework or processing

  • Vision for improved overall ROI for Treasury

We review key documentation, interview teams and review processes to assess for best practices.

  • Review key external documentation to understand your Treasury Situation

  • Share proprietary tools/questionnaires on key focus areas such as Cash Management, Banking, Treasury, Risk or other and ask you to complete them

  • Review and collate results for a readout to you and interview key members of your team to understand what is working well, identify pain points and key opportunities for improvement

  • Document these opportunities and suggest a focus plan for improvement

  • Meet with you to review the plan and discuss next steps

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