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Financial Transformation Services

Financial Transformation Services

In order to maximize the benefits from your transformation initiatives, you need a solution platform that is scalable, flexible and secure enough to support your needs now and in the future. When attempting to reap maximum benefit from your investment, it is critical that you choose the right platform that will meet your evolving needs over the foreseeable future.

Bramasol, as a leading SAP partner, provides critical value add services, guides you through the transformation implementation process so you can fully reap the benefit of ERP in the Cloud.

As part of the initial implementation, several value-added services are provided. All these serviced have a strong collaborative element to them and Bramasol’s approach in leading you through this process looks to embrace your teams skills and knowledge on your business functions.

Best Practice

Leveraging over 90 best of breed business scenarios, Bramasol can help your firm achieve optimal results in a fraction of the time a custom solution would take. Our practical, hands-on experience will allow us to get you up and running quickly and effectively.

Platform Configuration

Once the best fit processes are agreed, Bramasol will configure and test the platform. Bramasol works with you to set up the initial configuration and will provide on-the-job training (OJT) for your team so you can become self-sufficient following launch.

Any customization that was identified during the best practice review such as custom analytics will be built and supported by Bramasol.

More complex customizations are treated as change projects under the umbrella of the overall Transformation Project and will be developed using SAP Cloud Platform.

Data Migration

Data Migration is a key component of any system change and historically has been viewed as one of the biggest risks in new ERP implementations. We will help you determine the best route for your particular data and situation using Bramasol’s proven methodology and experience to make this a smooth transition. Our methodology consists of 8 phases as follows: Landscape Analysis, Data Identification, Design & Build, Extract, Transform, Validate, Load, Reconcile.


There are 2 types of integrations:

  • Native Integrations are preconfigured connectors that enable integrations with SAP cloud products quickly and easily, enabling bi directional data flow between best of breed systems and the ability to extend Best Practice adoption, and provide a single source of truth for your data.

  • Third Party integrations are custom integrations to 3rd party products which will enhance Business Process Management. This custom work will be developed using SAP Cloud Platform and will be treated as a separate change project.

Change Management and User Engagement

Critical to the success of the project once the platform is ready to go live full proficiency and adoption of the new application and business processes is essential. In order to minimize the disruption of this transformation on the ongoing operation of your company.

Change management and user engagement must be managed as carefully as other project work streams. Bramasol will work with you to develop education and user adoption programs that will effectively prepare your workforce for Go Live and beyond. These programs will exploit and build on the many tools and resources provided by SAP.

Real-Time Analytics

You rely on analytics to help you make the right decisions and you want them real-time. Bramasol uses SAP Business Object HANA Cloud to help you get access to all the data you need… when you need it. We can help you create dashboards, reports and analytics using standard or custom reports and integrate it to existing analytics platforms for a 360 degree, real-time view of you company. And, we will teach you how you can create your own reports or dashboards using the intuitive tools provided by SAP. Bramasol will help you define and create those reports using either standard report functions with the platform or develop custom reports or dashboards that integrate into your existing analytics platforms.

Post Go Live support

Bramasol has developed a model for providing this support once you go live. Its goal is to empower you to increase your knowledge in using the application more efficiently, adopt higher percentage of Best Practices, increase User Adoption rates and decrease time to operational proficiency.

Bramasol’s post go live support service provides:

  • Expedited 1st line support for user questions and queries and manage the escalation process to SAP, if required

  • Value added updates on each quarterly release as it is relevant to your business

  • Recommendations on process optimization to ensure constant organizational improvement

  • Knowledge transfer to Key Business users to ensure maximum use of functionality

  • Manage change projects using the same methodology as in our initial implementation

How Does it Work?

As the first SAP S/4HANA Cloud partner, we are constantly working with SAP to improve and enhance the scoping and delivery of the Digital Core. With over a decade of cloud experience, we can integrate your solution to other third party best of breed solutions, giving you a cost effective, scalable and highly secure platform now and in the future.

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