Developing a Cost Effective, Secure and Scalable Banking Strategy with SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity

Bramasol’s expert team will share how we can help you lower bank fees, compensating balances and transaction fees, while increasing the security and flexibility of you banking infrastructure.

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Bramasol Inc. and io-group L.P. Partner to Provide Optimized Solutions for Integrating Finance and Supply Chain Management

Bramasol, Inc. and io-group L.P. announce a new partnership focused on providing corporate clients with targeted solutions and consulting services for integrating and optimizing finance systems and supply chain management.

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Turning Compliance into Competitive Advantage with Bramasol’s Analytics Powered by SAP Analytics Cloud

See how Bramasol has leverage SAP Analytics Cloud to give you the data you need in a format you can use with complete drill down capability.

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Behind the Scenes of SAP’s Latest Release of RAR for S/4HANA – a conversation with Volkmar Zahn, Gerold Wellenhofer and Pete

Join us for a conversation with the SAP product owners and development team for a behind the scenes look at the latest release of SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting for S/4HANA.

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SAP’s Birgit Starmanns Discusses Centralization vs. Decentralization for Finance and Risk

Listen to the latest episode of Bramasol's Insights to Action Podcast Series. In this episode, SAP's Birgit Starmanns provides an overview of issues surrounding strategies for centralization vs. decentralization, with a discussion of how regional and country-specific regulations impact global companies. She also drills down to look at tactics for managing the balance of these sometimes competing goals, including key tools such as shared services and SAP Central Finance.

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SAP MBC Part 3 – Cash Forecasting Integration and Optimization

This third episode in our series on using SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity (MBC) builds on the previous webinars on visibility, processing and reconciliation by shifting the focus to proactive enterprise-wide forecasting of cash.

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