Overview for Treasury Roadmapping

Road mapping helps you optimize your business value and get better returns on your investment. At Bramasol, we are committed to deliver high-value service offerings that will help you adapt to the changing regulations and rapid technology. Whether you are new to SAP or have been a long term customer, Bramasol helps you to achieve your ROI quickly with services that accelerate your success.


An Assessment is a one to two week engagement in which we assess your Cash Management and/or Treasury and Risk Management Solution environment including software, processes, and eco-system, document your vision for Treasury and create a plan/roadmap for your organzation to achieving this goal while leveraging a Comply/Optimize/Transform Approach.

  • A written document on your current implementation evaluating your systems, processes and looking for manual work arounds or pain points

  • Evaluation and view of your current landscape including all Treasury tools both SAP and non-SAP and manual tools like spreadsheets

  • A guided walk-through leveraging analysis of your 10K/10Q and other public information along with the completed quesionaires to get a vision your desired state

  • A documented view of the vision and workshop to review

  • An overview of the current Treasury solutions available and pros and cons of each, SAP and non-SAP

  • Guided workshop to discuss alternatives and agree on a proposed go forward strategy leveraging best in class tools

  • Documented review of all of the above and a proposed roadmap with timing and ROM resources and budget required

Anyone who wants a clear vision for a modern Treasury Eco-system based on best practices and best in class solutions along with a better understanding of the high-level costs and resources.

  • Companies with multiple “Treasury” solutions for cash management, banking, payments, risk management or trading and want to improve

  • Treasury organizations who are considering In-house Banking, Cash Concentration/Pooling or COBO/POBO and want to get it right

  • Organizations who realize the benefits of an integrated solution between Treasury and accounting, need accurate and documentable compliance results with FASB and IASB and work in a relatively complex business environment

  • Companies who want to begin to focus on improving Working Capital Management and need a firm foundation for key aspects based in Treasury

A clear, documented vision and roadmap for transforming your Treasury function.

  • A way to gain alignment among Treasury, Accounting and IT on the priorities, leverage points and trade-offs to modernizing and integrating Treasury

  • A good understanding of the various solutions in the marketplace, the pro’s and con’s of each and an ability to make a data based decision

  • Insights into the issues and challenges faced by the existing Treasury team

  • Vision for improved oveall ROI for Treasury

We review key documentation, interview teams and review processes to assess for best practices.

  • Review key external documentation to understand your Treasury Situation

  • Share proprietary tools/questionaires on key focus areas such as Cash Management, Banking, Treaury, Risk or other and ask you to complete them

  • Review and collate results for a readout to you and interview key members of your team to understand what is working well, identify pain points and key opportunities for improvement

  • Conduct a half to full day workshop in which we review the assessment and create your Treasury vision

  • Conduct a second day workshop in which we review results from first workshop and provide insights on Treasury world and conduct a guided discussion and on future state and vision

  • Prepare a Roadmap recommendation with estimated resources, timeline and impacts

  • Conduct a final review session to share insights and next steps