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Jumpstart Your Rev Rec Project with SAP RAR in the Cloud from Bramasol

The changes are coming and you need to be ready! 

But how do you get there quickly, easily and cost effectively without significant impact to your current landscape? The SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting solution in the cloud from Bramasol can get you there.

 If you:

  • Need to get started quickly to meet the deadlines for IFRS 15 or ASC 606 compliance

  • Want a solution that is compliant without requiring significant changes to your existing environment

  • Are not on ECC 6.0 EHP5 or higher but want the latest SAP Revenue Accounting and  Reporting (RAR)

  • Want a solution that integrates with multiple platforms

  • Simply want a solution that provides the flexibility, lower costs and ease of support of the cloud?

Bramasol, the leader in SAP Revenue Recognition, has a solution for you – SAP RAR in the Cloud from Bramasol.

We offer a cloud based SAP RAR solution that can send and receive to and from most major platforms including, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, or even Excel.  Reduce the stress of upgrading, migrating platforms, or complex integration.  Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the latest version of SAP RAR, we can have you up and running quickly and cost effectively.   And our certified SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting consultants can work with you to set up your system, choose scenarios and get you started.Contact us to learn more about what Bramasol’s SAP RAR in the cloud can do for you.

Are you #RevRecReady

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