“Insights to Action” Podcast Series

The Insights to Actions series features Bramasol experts and guest speakers discussing key topics from the perspective of technical accounting, implementations, developers, business intelligence and analytics, process design, and customers.  We strive to provide real-world perspective on issues facing CFOs, C-Suite decision-makers and finance staff in companies across many industry segments.

Bramasol’s Insights to Action podcast library of topics covers Regulatory Compliance, Reporting, Disclosures, Financial Management and Financial Transformation technologies.

Bramasol is the leader in SAP-based finance solutions and a co-innovator with SAP on developing and deploying purpose-built compliance capabilities. We firmly believe that Compliance combined with advanced analytics offers a valuable opportunity for companies to transform a full range of core Business Systems, Financial Management Practices, reporting processes, and to drive ad hoc problem solving.

When is a Penny Worth a Million Bucks?

SAP’s Birgit Starmanns Discusses Machine Learning as applied to Finance and Risk Management

Dave Fellers, Bramasol CEO, discusses the Importance of Enterprise-wide Treasury Integration

Accounting Advisory Services: What they are, How they can help, and When you need them

SAP’s Birgit Starmanns Discusses Change Management During Difficult Times

Improving Cash Flow and EBITDA with Active Lease Management

How ASU 2019-02 Impacts Media Assets Capitalization, Depreciation, Amortization and other Accounting Issues

How Payment Factory can Improve Your Cash Flow, Increase Productivity and Reduce Risk

Digital Debt: What is it? Why should you care? What can you do about it?

ASC 842 Compliance for Private Companies

The Five “Ps” of Compliance: Policy, Processes, Procedures, People and Proof

Day-Two Issues for RevRec and Lease Accounting – What Should You Be Doing Now?

In-House Cash Management Reduces External Bank Accounts, Improves Visibility and Boosts Productivity

Bramasol: Changes and Challenges in the Treasury Function

Comply, Optimize, Transform

Overview of SAP Contract and Lease Management (CLM)

Bramasol: Using PMO Disciplines to Improve Project Management for Clients

Bramasol podcasts for CFOs, C-Suite Executives and forward-looking companies

Bramasol: Trends in Automation and AI will Streamline Financial Closing Processes