Questions and Answers from Webinar on SAP HANA – If Not Now When

During our last SAP HANA overview webinar hosted with Secure-24 and SAP Insider, we received a series of questions that we captured to answer about SAP HANA.

Get the scoop and download the webinar Q & A and find out answers to:

  • I hear SAP HANA mentioned in so many different contexts. Can you simplify what it is?

  • Why is SAP HANA so fast? What does it mean to optimize the hardware and the software?

  • Can you please explain the implications of SAP HANA and high availability?

  • How can SAP HANA help with disaster recovery?

  • And more…

Did you happen to miss the webinar and need more information? Make sure to watch the webinar on YouTube and access our SAP HANA Hub for additional resources.

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