Simple Finance and S/4HANA Transform Financial Management

Corporate finance professionals depend on tools and technologies for critical information they need to drive timely decisions and to anticipate emerging issues that could impact the business.

The available tools shape financial decision-making by either providing clarity or confusion.


Traditional approaches using relational databases have pretty much reached their limits. The work-around required to combine and manipulate disparate databases and analytics functions have now become bottlenecks and roadblocks to effective financial management.

Our newest eBook provides an overview of how S/4HANA and Simple Finance are transforming the digital landscape for financial management. Unifying all data and analysis with in-memory processing provides a single-source-of-truth that enhances Accuracy, Immediacy, and Integration.

Key topics covered in the eBook include:

  • Challenges Facing Financial Executives

  • The Problems with Traditional Databases

  • How S/4HANA & Simple Finance Transform the Landscape

  • Leveraging the “Universal Journal”

  • Replacing “Barriers” with “Bridges”

  • Next Steps: The Roadmap to Simple Finance

Download the eBook to learn how these tools can help you transform financial management.

digital transformation with S/4HANA and Simple Finance click here to get the ebook